Starting off with a consultation, you will then be provided with a quality haircut featuring smooth fades, the sharpest line-ups or whatever it takes to “restore your freshness,” leaving you with a suitable style that fits your needs.


Head Deluxe Hot Towel Shave

The premium bald shave includes hot and cold towels to open and close the pores. Following the application of a thick lather of shaving cream, shaving is then performed with the straight razor blade. It will leave you with that timeless shiny smooth bald look.


Clean Up

Need a cleanup? Are you looking a bit untidy? This option involves trimming those loose ends and reshaping your hairline with the precise finishing touch of a razor blade. It will give you a clean look until your next appointment.


Artistic Designs

Designs are unique and creative images featuring a wide range of shapes and angles carved with precision. Also known as “hair tattoos,” they leave you with an outstanding and fully customized new look.


Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment

Shampooing and conditioning – two words that seem to indicate very straightforward practices, right? Not necessarily. Among all of the hair fanatics out there, many are puzzled by how to properly take care of their hair strands. And if you’re not properly treating your hair in the shower, you’re going to have some problems when it’s time to style it. The difference? Shampoo is meant to cleanse the hair and scalp, while conditioner is meant to detangle the hair and smoothen out the cuticle by resting on the surface of the hair. Got it? Now sit back, let us do the work and enjoy the relaxing experience.


Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatments are designed to improve the condition of the hair, scalp and hair follicles. There are scalp treatments to help prevent hair loss and scalp treatments which effectively removes existing dandruff and relieves itchiness. We will be providing you with the original penetrating formula’s that help arrest hair loss and restore lost hair, leaving you with healthy and natural hair.


Traditional Lather Shave

The straight razor shave is a three-step process. It includes a steaming hot towel to open the pores, followed by a lather of shaving cream and an aftershave balm to sooth, refresh and regenerate the skin.


Royal Shave

The Royal shave is a five-step process to soothe and moisture your skin. This five-step process starts off by opening the pores with a steaming hot towel, followed by two thick lathers of shaving cream applied with a badger brush. Shaving is then performed with the traditional straight razor blade to ensure a smooth shave. Closing the pores is done by the application of a cold towel and the completion of the process involves the use of moisturizer and aftershave in order to prevent skin irritation. The result? You are left with a clean, traditional shave.





Want to sit back and feel rejuvenated? This is the ultimate service for you. The premium package is a one hour service which includes a haircut, wash and beard trim. It is the complete package. You will be ready to go out looking your finest in no time.



A classic barbershop tradition in the spirit of the saying, “It’s not just a haircut – it’s the feeling you get after being well taken care of.” It is a 75 minute service that will leave you with the hairstyle of your choice and leave you properly groomed. Sit back and enjoy the ultimate experience: this package includes a haircut, a wash and a traditional lather shave.



The Royalty Package is a gentleman’s luxury package. It is an all-inclusive package
encompassing all of the premium services. In one hour and 45 minutes you will be
given a haircut, wash, scalp treatment and the premium straight razor “Royal Shave.”